6ft Whisker Stick Original - High Viz White

The original Catfish Getters Whisker Sticks are made of extremely durable 3/8in coated fiberglass rod. This coating will be sure to protect your hands and also keep your poles from any harm do to harsh weather or sun for decades! With years of testing we have found that the 3/8in solid fiberglass is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility to set that hook on your next giant catfish. Each pole comes equipped with 250lb test number 30 braided nylon line, 3oz sinker, swivel, your choice Eagle Claw hook, reflective wrap, and name tag for you to put the information required by your state on. All of our Whisker Sticks are proudly hand crafted right here in the USA!! After 25 years of testing and thousands of happy customers you can be sure that Whisker Sticks are The Pole You Can Bank On!!

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