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The Catfish Getters Original Whisker Stick. Our Orignal Whisker sticks are 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch diameter. Over years of testing we have found the Original Whiskers Sticks to be the perfect combinations of light weight strength and flexibility to land your next big catfish! Over 25 years of proven success! Made in USA.


Comes with:

- USA Made 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch solid fiberglass rod coated to protect your hands and prevent damage for decades! Pencil pointed end.


Optionally with:

- 7ft of 250lb braided line with 1ft leader

- 3 oz sinker

- 2/0 swivel rated for 300lb

- 7/0 circle hook or stainless J-hook

- Rubber hook holder


Currently DOES NOT include:

- Reflective Wraps

- Key Chain Name Tags (If needed by your state, use a permanent marker or print your own labels to put on the pole)


8 ft Whisker Stick - 3/8 inch - 5 Pack - Free Shipping

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